Finnish artillery round?

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Post by Tuco » 28 May 2004 22:23

Thanks. I had forgotten about these as I have had them for a number of years now.

Off topic a bit but dealing with Finnish artillery - Here is an interesting helmet that I own linked to a Finnish unit.

Finnish Issued German M16

Horse Battery Artillery

Rats.Ptri - 3rd Artillery Battalion 15th Field Artillery Regiment

This helmet was issued to a Finnish artilleryman, Tauno Johannes Kirsi. His service in the Continuation War was in a horse artillery battery ( Rats.Ptri) under III Psto / KTR 15 (3rd Artillery Battalion 15th Field Artillery Regiment). This helmet came from his daughter in Finland. In his military service passport it is noted he took part in the following battles: Vellivaara, Tolvajärvi; Ägläjärvi, Aittojoki, Suojärvi,Lempala 1943.
Länsi-Kannas, Viipurinlahti, Ilomantsi -1944.

The flame, skull, and white triangle are all pretty clear. There is also a smaller marking in black that seems to show an arm and a hand with some object in the hand but it is not clear just what this lighter marking is. The markings on this helmet might deal with the horse artillery batteries in particular as I have encountered this same marking twice before. In both cases the veteran had indeed served in field artillery and one was also a horse artillery soldier. It can not be stated as fact what these markings mean or the origin, as we only have a few clues (and fewer examples) to go by.
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Mikko H.
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Post by Mikko H. » 04 Jun 2004 07:57

Thanks to everybody who helped. I got this answer from the person who posted the original question:

I found a photo of the shell on the site. It's a 37mm anti-tank casing.

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Post by Tony Williams » 04 Jun 2004 08:58

Then it's probably been cut short, as most 37mm anti-tank cases are more like ten inches than six inches long. See the ammo data tables and ammo photo gallery on my website.

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