Browning Flak or Flak 50.

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Browning Flak or Flak 50.

Post by Patrice » 13 Jun 2004 11:44

Some time we can find very strange thing like this.
Browning flak or a flak 50.
I find it on a US.Army link some time ago.
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Tom Houlihan
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Post by Tom Houlihan » 14 Jun 2004 00:02

Hey, why not?! We had a quad-mount, either in the M16 Halftrack, or on a trailer. Why shouldn't the Germans copy it? Is that not the most sincere form of flattery? :D

Of course, the caption is little off! I don't see any wheels on that emplacement!

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Post by Uninen » 14 Jun 2004 10:18

It seems to me that Amers have by themself mounted those M2's on captured German equipment.. and not another wat around, just look at the trooper.. looks like GI to me.. :wink:

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Post by Zygmunt » 14 Jun 2004 11:06

Uninen, I have to ask: What does "wat" mean? Is "Amers" some kind of abbreviation for "Americans"?

Yes, the trooper is a GI, but look at the comma in the caption. The second "captured" indicates that this emplacement/wagon was itself captured by the Americans (hence the .50s were re-captured).


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