Bunker MGs

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Logan Hartke
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Bunker MGs

Post by Logan Hartke » 02 Oct 2002 16:50

I know from many of these websites posted, that the majority of these bunkers had MG slits for an MG to cover the entrance. What I want to know is how many of these were actually fitted? It seems like a great waste of resources to make an MG34 to cover a narrow stairway in a bunker. It is going to fire 100 rounds at most in its lifetime. Were the Germans actually dumb enough to fit most of them?

Logan Hartke

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Juha Tompuri
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Post by Juha Tompuri » 02 Oct 2002 21:03

In Finland we had similar "firing slits" to cover the entrance too. We didn`t have there any fixed guns, you could fire from them with whatever you had availlable. Suomi smg would have been a good choise. To have a fixed weapon to that purpose, sounds from point of a country of limited resources, waste. As you said. But germans...


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Post by varjag » 03 Oct 2002 13:34

Logan - most bunkers are part of a 'system', i.e. their main fire-object is
not right in front of itself - that's looked after by adjoining bunkers - but in front of the adjoining bunkers in the 'system'. Any apparatus(?) for firing out through the exit,cannot have been applied to whatever 'main' armamament was used by the bunker - but left, if neccessary -as Juha said - to the small arms of the bunker-crew.If you're surrounded in 'your bunker' - your are probably dead-as -a-doornail anyway - and my choice, as Juha's to get outta of that mess - would be very quick legs, and - yes Juha, a SMG with a 71-rd drum! Praise The Lord - and Pass the Ammuniton!

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Simon H
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Post by Simon H » 03 Oct 2002 15:24

I've not read anywhere that there were ever "fixed" MG's to cover a door. These "boxes" were built with interlocking field of fire and should have, in theory been able to cover eachother. I guess if it came to close quarters then it would be time to dispatch one of the inmates of the bunker to the slit by the door, telling him to grab a 98k on the way. :cry:

It would be waste of firepower to have an MG guarding the door "just in case".

Don't forget that these concrete defences also had supporting trench lines around them - again another reason for someone else being able to guard the door, from outside the box!

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Erik E
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Post by Erik E » 18 Oct 2002 20:01

I have never seen a permanent mounting for an MG to protect an entrance......
The armoured plates at the entrance was designed to house an MG, but I don`t think they would be placed there until a direct attack on the bunker occured....
This photo is the most common entrance defence,called 484P2:
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Post by A-Bomb » 19 Oct 2002 02:24

Anybody got good pics of a standard German MG bunker circa '44 France?

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