Picture of a 75-round magazine attached to an MG 42?

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Re: Picture of a 75-round magazine attached to an MG 42?

Post by gunfriend » 29 Apr 2011 11:47

I've found this: WWII Luftwaffe MG15 75 round saddle drum, as used in most German bombers during the second world war. Also used on the MG34 light machine gun. A scarce item complete with its often missing leather strap. http://www.deactivated-guns.co.uk/detail/mg15_drum.htm.
Very good pictures. You can see clearly the FL number.

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Re: Picture of a 75-round magazine attached to an MG 42?

Post by GD,grenedier » 29 Apr 2011 22:20

Gunfriend,Not quite the same,the Mg15 drum is very close in design and will interchange only with some modifications (as a matter of point the MG15 magazine was produced in much larger numbers than the 34s doppeltrommel,as a result some peaple try to pass them off as 34 magazines )but otherwise not directly interchangeble. I might add that they were not especially reliable in either format (the 34 especially).

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Re: Picture of a 75-round magazine attached to an MG 42?

Post by Killtacular » 08 Jul 2015 19:02

JKindred wrote:
Angelus Domini wrote:But the Wikipedia article of MG34 says it has a 75 round drum. XD
There is reality and then there is Wikipedia.
There is a 75 round magazine for the mg34
Just not the mg 42 so Wikipedia was correct
So you should research some thing before
You try correcting people on something
You don't even know about

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Re: Picture of a 75-round magazine attached to an MG 42?

Post by pitfighter » 13 Jul 2015 06:55

The 75 round doppeltrommel is a great idea, just not terribly practical -
You can only load about 25 rounds before it gets very difficult, I have a special custom made loader for mine, as the original loaders are quite rare and expensive. The rounds load one left, one right, all the way, and it fires this way too, alternately extracting from either side, so that the weight of the drum doesn't off balance itself or your aim as you shoot it empty.

Great plan, in practice, a jam can be catastrophic - it requires unscrewing ten tiny screws and removing the front of the mag, to realign the ammunition - then screwing them all in and returning to battery. On a plane, they would keep loaded drums ready, and simply replace out a mag - in the field, it would mean a lot of carried weight wastefully trashed -

Also look closely at the MG15 - it is always seen with an ammo ejection chute, this firearm expends the empty cases at a furious rate, and will blacken your toe if it hits your shoe.
The MG34 is not so terrible, but the rate of fire could theoretically have increased substantially with the doppeltrommel - there is plenty of footage of MG34's being shot at Big Sandy and other MG shoots with the doppetrommel mag and top cover set-up.

MG15 - 75 round doppeltrommel
ST-61 - MG15 variant 75 round doppeltrommel
MG34 - with adaptor top cover, could use a variant of the 75 doppeltrommel, as mentioned above it is not the same mag as the MG15.
MG13 - used a curious 45 degree angled feed version of the 75 doppeltrommel. Quite rare but nicely illustrated in the manual.

As mentioned above the MG42 was never fielded in a manner that it could use a 75 round doppeltrommel.
It was adequate in the field with the Assault basket (not a magazine), that held a 50 round belt, and actually increases the MG's reliability, by guiding the belt.

In Raiders of the Lost Ark, the put MG15 magazines on top of MG81's for some reason, in the saucer plane sequence, maybe they thought the MG81's looked to radical and modern - the mags were just props, and the gun fired from it's regular belt, but, interesting to see anyway -

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Re: Picture of a 75-round magazine attached to an MG 42?

Post by triplemurray » 08 Feb 2019 18:11

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Re: Picture of a 75-round magazine attached to an MG 42?

Post by Cult Icon » 08 Feb 2019 18:47

that's a 50-round drum

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