I'm not sure where to post this but its something about 98K

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Dr. Tempura
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I'm not sure where to post this but its something about 98K

Post by Dr. Tempura » 06 May 2002 11:03

I need some help with the wood.
It migh not seem to obvious in a photo but in brightlight, its extremely obvious and really bugs me:

Pic 1

Pic 2

As you can see, the first image, the gun's wood is perfectly balanced with a glossy orange but if I flip my Kar 98K around (pic 2) you see that the colour of the wood more saturated, more dull with less shine...

Does anyone have any advice for me in fixing this probelm, make the other side of the gun slightly more darker and slightly more shiny ??


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Post by MadJim » 06 May 2002 16:00

What is the stock coated with? If it is linseed oil - perhaps rubbing some in to the effected area might help. You may be able to refinish the stock - but if original this affects the value of the gun. If there is an irregularity in the grain - it may be really difficult to get rid of this dull spot.

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