From G98 to K98k - what were the changes?

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From G98 to K98k - what were the changes?

Post by CroGer » 17 Nov 2017 18:12

In 1933, Germany had 633.250 rifles, G98, K98a, K98b, and probably some oddballs. In 1934 they changed to the K98k.

Ok, I read Storz's book on the G98 and the Mauser-rifles of WW1. But Storz stops in 1918.

G98 and K98a are basically two very different rifles. Now I read about the german prototypes that led up to the K98k, I know the K98b.

The question is: how similar is the K98k to the G98 - mechanically. Is it mechanically a shortened version of the G98? Now this is not about slings, barrel bands, sights. It's about trigger, bolt, breechlock and so on.
How much are parts interchangable?
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Re: From G98 to K98k - what were the changes?

Post by daortiz » 20 Feb 2018 20:36

From what I understand, the first major changes made to the G98's mechanical design did not come about until 1924. From its adoption in 1898 through world war I, the base G98, but subsequent carbine and Karabiner variants, underwent a number of varying modifications to compensate for the needs of the different manufacturers and war time mass production. More than 50 private plants were contracted to produce the Mauser 98 pattern at various stages, so a number of specifications based on the sheer number of different types based off the original '98 pattern are to be expected. It wasn't until 1905 that the pointed 1898 cartridge was introduced, so while older '98s required updating, some where not and could still only fired the older M1888 rounded cartridges. This is all I have in the ways of information on the G98 and its variants. I wish I could give you more specifics, but wish you luck in your search.


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Re: From G98 to K98k - what were the changes?

Post by WilliamDS » 04 Mar 2018 22:20

The action is mechanically the same, and should be dimensionally the same within tolerances. However, that does not necessarily mean that parts will be interchangeable. Most firearms at this point still required final fitting of some parts, so for example while you may be able to put the firing pin from one rifle into the bolt of another, the safety may now not work. Take that bolt and put it in a third rifle and you may have excess headspace. This generally was not considered a problem because the individual solider was not going to be detail stripping their rifles, and bolts were numbered to the gun and (ideally, at least) not supposed to end up swapped.

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