Photographs of the M/TaPaKo Rifle Prototype?

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Photographs of the M/TaPaKo Rifle Prototype?

Post by Hideyosho » 21 Apr 2018 03:13

Aside from my interest in Finnish Mosins, I find interesting the Finns did make good use of captured SVT-38s and SVT-40s, and it seems cracked or broken stocks were replaced with others made of Arctic birch, giving them that special and appealing look everyone loves.

More fascinating was that I found they went further with their interest on the SVT-38, that they were planning to developed a rifle based on it, the so-called TaPaKo (or M/TaPaKo as I read on a Finnish Facebook page), of course, with new features to improve its performance (it seems modifying captured rifles would've been more expensive and laborious).

A single prototype was built, and it showed very good results. One proof is that the rifle's accuracy almost rivalled to that of M28-30 rifles.

My questions is if there are photographs of this prototype, since I was unlucky to find any (again, this will be helpful for my projects).


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