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Slovakia SMG

Post by westwall19 » 29 Oct 2018 02:42

I am trying to find information on Slovak submachine gun use during the war. I know the Hlinka Guard got MP40's as well as the small Slovak paratroop unit. I also know that Russian SMG's were picked up. However, I cannot find any reference photos of regular infantry using SMG's except for the single cornfield (or wheatfield?) picture with a Russian one. I have seen references to Slovakia receiving Kp 31's but have not seen any evidence. Does anyone know where there is good reference info and photos?


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Re: Slovakia SMG

Post by brano » 08 Mar 2019 21:29

Photos are very few. SMG was small in the Slovak Army. It was officially only two types. MP38 / 40 referred to as vz.41 and ZK-383 referred to as vz.42. Additionally, front-mounted units used captured Soviet SMGs (probably most photographed were PPD-40, sometimes mistakenly referred to as KP 31).

Excelent Slovak source/books (but only Slovak language):
Pavel Mičianik - Slovenská armáda v ťažení proti Sovietskemu zväzu I (1941 - 1944) part I-IV
Marian Uhrin - Pluk útočnej vozby 1944

Good book is a Germany's first ally; armed forces of the Slovak State, 1939-1945. Color plates by Lev Hlavacek
Kliment, Charles K. and Bretislav Nakladal (Lev Hlavacek, illus.) in English language

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