K98 cleaning rod

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K98 cleaning rod

Post by WernerPeiper » 02 Feb 2020 18:39

Hi guys, I’m a German re-enactor and my live k98 has no cleaning rod and also has no hole for which to put one in. I’ve seen exploded drawings of the rifle showing a metal threaded holder further down the wooden stock into which this goes. My question is this - is this a separate component that is placed under the metal collar further down the stock or is it put in with the hole. Drilling the hole might be tricky too as it looks a good depth, any suggestions?
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Re: K98 cleaning rod

Post by Poot » 02 Feb 2020 19:25

It sounds like your rifle was produced very late in the war. Depending on the maker, cleaning rods and cleaning rod channels were omitted, to get as many rifles as possible to the troops that needed them, and in the shortest time possible. Other components were simplified, and some long standing features, like the bolt take-down ferrule in the butt stock, were eliminated and replaced with a hole through the heel of the butt plate. In short, if you have a late war rifle, this is an expected feature.

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