Best of the top magazine-mounted LMGs?

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Geoffrey Cooke
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Best of the top magazine-mounted LMGs?

Post by Geoffrey Cooke » 29 Nov 2022 18:15

I see a lot of discussion about how the British, Czech and Japanese LMGs generally resembled each other, and how similar or dissimilar they were, but about actual comparison of quality…not so much.

In this category we have the Bren gun, ZB vz. 26, Type 96, and Type 99 LMGs. I’d imagine that the Type 99 ‘Nambu’ is best, it’s just Type 96 that’s been beefed up in punching power but light compared to the Bren and with a higher RoF. Considering how much the Japanese get ragged on for the quality of their Army equipment, it’s a stunningly good gun in my book.

I could just as well expand this to “best LMG of any kind”, but the only other contestants would be the DP-28 and BAR, the latter of which was really an automatic rifle with a bipod thrown on it rather than a true LMG, and the Germans used GPMGs in the squad role instead of LMGs altogether.

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Re: Best of the top magazine-mounted LMGs?

Post by LineDoggie » 29 Nov 2022 22:30

ZB's and BREN bar none for actual combat used LMG's, the Mexican Mendoza Model 1934 and RM2 were good designs
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Re: Best of the top magazine-mounted LMGs?

Post by ShindenKai » 29 Nov 2022 22:57

Ian from Forgotten Weapons rates the Bren as one of the best.

The Japanese Type 96 & 99 are essentially derivatives of the Bren, and he rates them right up with the Bren.

He takes a Type 96 to the range, very impressive accuracy for a LMG!

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Re: Best of the top magazine-mounted LMGs?

Post by ThatZenoGuy » 01 Dec 2022 13:12

My vote goes to the Type 96. Cartridge is a bit less powerful but more than enough for any realistic WW2 engagement and with less recoil/more accuracy.

Also had an option for a scope if you needed it for any reason.

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