MG42 MAGET barrel markings

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MG42 MAGET barrel markings

Post by steinh6 » 28 Dec 2022 17:00

Hope someone can help me with information about the markings of a MG42 barrel made by MAGET – Maschinenbau & Geratebrau GmbH, Berlin. I got this barrel with a “Laufschützer” so it´s not a part of a complete MG42.
Serial number: 3613c tells me that the barrel is manufactured in 1943 if the spare barrels follow the same principle as for the MG42 made by MAGET (cra).
WaffenAmt: 11
Caliber: 7.92
The other markings I wonder what means are:
cra 5
Logo + AF. 8 + ?
737 + 2
In addttion I´m also searching for general information/pictures about the factory MAGET – there is very limit to find on the internet, but for the main factory ALKETT there is much more.

Thanks for your help.
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