Ãœbungsstielhandgranate 24 (pic)

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Übungsstielhandgranate 24 (pic)

Post by wikinger59 » 03 Jul 2002 06:18

I have had this practice "potato masher" since the 50's. Great condition.
Handle is marked "1940", head (Kopf) is marked "1936".
I have not seen another in all these years. (Haven't really looked that hard) Anyone have any idea what is would be worth? It has the ball (Abreißknopf) and cord but not the charge (Brennzünder).
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Simon H
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Übungsstielhandgranate 24

Post by Simon H » 03 Jul 2002 16:37

I have a similar practice grenade on my site. They do surface from time to time. I know that a friend has found one "in the field" as it were and is using mine as a reference for restoration.
You can see it on the link below;

The value is more difficult. In £ sterling I'd guess it's worth £45-50 now.

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