German rifle grenades of WWII

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Post by Dima » 20 May 2004 23:23


what was the minimum range of Rifle Grenade?
Cause i know that modern underslug grenades have 40m minimum range for fuse to activate.

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Post by GGG » 21 May 2004 06:25

There is no minimum range !
The fuzes are all set-back-types.

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Schiessbecher K98 sight

Post by melp » 16 Oct 2005 02:18


I'm new to this forum. I do have several of the Schiessbecher rifle grenades, a dug and partly restored specimen of the launcher, as well as an incomplete launcher sight. I would like to complete the sight, and need a spirit level glass tube and the spring-loaded range detent. Does anyone know where I might find such parts?

Several weeks ago, while surfing using Google, I found a company here in the U.S. that marketed a reproduction complete Schiessbecher, but failed to bookmark their site :oops:

I appreciate any help this forum can provide. Thanks, Mel

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Post by Cid250 » 03 Aug 2006 02:16

Hello Mr. Michael, i have ordered a copy of your book "Deutche Gewehrgranaten" two years ago...

I have found in a publication of Osprey this reference to the GG/P40:

Quote from "World War II Infantry Anti-Tank Tactics" by Gordon L Rottman:

"The rifle grenade for anti-armor combat model 1940' (Gewehrgranate zur Panzerbekampfugh 40 - GG/P40) used a spigot-type launcher. The grenade, copied by the US, was ineffective even though the Germans used a base-detonating fuse; it lacked stand-off. It was withdrawin in 1942 and replaced by a 30mm cup discharger system."


The author attach the GG/P40 to the german infantry AT weapons in use by 1940.

The ilustration of this book shows a Heer use of the GG/P40.
Are you sure that the weapons developed by the luftwaffe was always in exclusive use of the luftwaffe units?.
Wasn't the MG34 developed for the Heer and adopted by the Luftwaffe until they got the FG42? Was the development of the GG/P40 by the luftwaffe used by Heer units?.

Which documents states that the GG/P40 wasn't fielded until 1941? can you give the bibliography, please?.
If Osprey is incorrect, will be good tho warn them for future editions of the book of Gordon L Rottman.

Thanks in advance.

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