Researching a Unit Marking from WW1

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Researching a Unit Marking from WW1

Post by farson135 » 12 Mar 2018 20:03

I picked up a "Red 9" C96, and it has a unit marking on the front of the grip (A.M.1.6). I have been talking with people on another board, and the consensus (based on the book "German Small Arms Markings" by Gortz and Bryans) is that the marking refers to "Artillerie-munitionskolonne (Artillery Munitions Column) Nr. 1, 6th Weapon", and it was probably issued to a staff officer due to the lack of company markings.

Assuming no one here has a better idea of what the markings stand for, does anyone have a resource (preferably in English since my German is limited), that I can use to research this unit? A detailed list of the German Order of Battle from 1916-1918 would be a great help, but I cannot seem to find a resource that goes that deep.

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