The German 146th Regiment at Megiddo, 1918

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The German 146th Regiment at Megiddo, 1918

Post by geo69jock » 08 Oct 2009 14:17

The German 146th Jager Regiment participated in The Battle of Megiddo, Sept 15-1 Oct, 1918, in Palestine.

The 146th Regiment had three battalions. Were they Numbers 1-3, or another combination ?

Also, I have found three references as to the Regiment's participation in the battle:

As a member of the XX Corps of Mustafa Kemel's Seventh Army

As a member of Djemal Kuquk's Fourth Army

As a reserve fource, behind the Turkish Eight, Seventh, and Fourth Armies

Which of these references is correct ?

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Re: The German 146th Regiment at Megiddo, 1918

Post by Peter H » 08 Oct 2009 22:24

I have it as with 4th Army at the start of the British attack.

On the 19th September the Asienkorps was with 8th Army,the 146th (I,II,III Battalions) with 4th Army.The 201.Infantrie-Brigade,in theory the command group for both units,consisted only of a handful of HQ officer behind the 8th Army lines.(Source:Military Operations:Egypt and Palestine.From June 1917 to the End of the War,Part II,HMSO)

The map here ( ... ers/41.pdf ) on page 5,6 shows the locations of both German formations,the 146th south of Es Salt,the "German Bns" of Asienkorps east of Kalkilieh.

Some remnants got back to the Constantinople area later,according to Hans Guhr in his Als türkischer Divisionskommandeur in Kleinasien und Palästina:
..Each day 800 or 1000 German soldiers were arriving at Istanbul from various parts of Turkey. On November 11st 1918 there were already 730 German officers and 9600 men in the camps of Haydarpasha and Moda. With these men a new "Reinforced Asian Corps" was founded under command of Lt.Col. Baron von Hammerstein who was commander of 146th German Inf Reg.

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Re: The German 146th Regiment at Megiddo, 1918

Post by Tosun Saral » 26 Oct 2009 12:49

In our war history we dont say "Megiddo" but Nablus. Nablus Meydan Muharebesi, The Nablus Field battle that took in Sept.19th-21st 1918 was really a rout.

There were 3 Cemal Pashas at Falestina front during WW1
1- Büyük Cemal Paşa or Ahmet Cemal Paşa the Naval Minister and CO 4th Army. Büyük means in Turkish "big, older, senior"
2- Mersinli Cemal Pasha: After Enver dismissed Ahmet Cemal Pasha, Mersinli Cemal Paşa was made CO 4th Army on oct 1917 He took part at Nablus battle as CO of 4th Army
3- Küçük Cemal Pasha: was the 3rd and last Cemal at the army. He was younger then other Cemal's. For that reason he was called Küçük: little. In right English we can say Cemal the Jr. Küçük Cemal Paşa commanded the 1. Kuvveyi Mürettebe the 1sdt Composed Forces during the battles at Şeria and Musallabe Battle on Oct 1917- July 1918.

German Asia Corps:
Turkish communication (Verbindungs) officer: Capt. Kurtcebe (General of the Army Noyan)
CO: Col.Frankenberg, later von Oppen
CoS: Maj.Solger
703th Inf Battalion CO:Capt. Grassmann
702 : Maj. Merts
701:Maj. Staubwasser
701 artillary battalion CO: Maj. Hechtern

German Asia Corps was a brigade. On the spring of 1918 was reinforced with 146th Mazorya Inf. Regiment which was commanded by Lt. Col. Hammerstein. The Germans were attached to 8th Army's command at Nablus.

source: Tank Staff Col. Prof. Dr. İsmet Görgülü (R), On Yıllık Harbin Kadrosu 1912-1922 ( Personal of the 10 Years Long War 1912-1922) p.146-154

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