German trench raider?

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German trench raider?

Post by ReconMarine » 16 Mar 2003 02:28

I noticed this pic.

It looks like the soldier is wwI.

The pic says SS.

Is there anyone with information on this armor he wears?

Is it bullet resistant?

For shrapnel?

Anybody know?

/S/ Recon Marine
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Post by CHRISCHA » 16 Mar 2003 10:02

This pictire is definately of a WW1 German trench raider, stormtrooper. The confusion propably comes from the fact the trench raiders and the SA were refered to as stormtroopers. I don't think the armour is fully bullet resistant at close range, but at a distance and from shrapnel it would provide some form of protection. If you don't get any more info' on the armour, perhaps post it in the WW1 section. Regards.

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German trench raider body armor

Post by Ralph » 22 Mar 2003 19:53

The armor is from WWI but not used in trench raids. The armor was supplied to sentries who were in exposed positions and to a lesser extent machine gunners with the same issues. The armor was in three parts on the main body while a steel plate fitted to the circulation lugs on the steel helmet protected the head.

It was a heavy item and not designed for trench raids. It would have been too cumbersome to wear in any attack. There are numerous photos of German troops wearing the armor as well as captured pieces with Allied soldiers.


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