Help Identify the Regiment - Germany WW1

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Help Identify the Regiment - Germany WW1

Post by Volyn » 04 Jul 2018 23:17

Name: Walter Koenig
Date of birth: 12 September 1889
Place of birth and place of residence: Groß Totschen, Moltketal (Trzebnica, Trzebnicki poviat)

Can the regiment be identified based on where he lived?

He was also awarded the Eisernes Kreuz II. Klasse 1914.
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Re: Help Identify the Regiment - Germany WW1

Post by Hoplophile » 24 Jul 2018 15:50

The town of Trebnitz was in the corps district (Korpsbezirk) of the VI. Army Corps, the headquarters of which was located in the nearby city of Breslau. The peacetime units that belonged to this district can be found on the following webpage: ... lte_Armee)

Some of these units, such as the heavy artillery (Fußartillerie) regiment, the combat engineer (Pionier) battalion, and the transport (Train) battalion, would have been recruited from the corps district as a whole. Infantry and cavalry units, however, would have been recruited within subdivisions of the corps district.

I suspect (but cannot prove) that Trebnitz was located in the Breslau Landwehr Inspectorate (Landwehrinspektion)

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Renner aus Schlesien
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Re: Help Identify the Regiment - Germany WW1

Post by Renner aus Schlesien » 01 Aug 2018 13:28

A nice resource is the Verlustlisten 1. Weltkrieg. It's a searchable database for wounded/killed notices for German troops during WW1. I did a quick search for "Walter König" and got back 160 results. A look through the "Ort" (place from) doesn't show Groß Totschen, Moltketal, but on these lists there is much variety to the "Ort" - sometimes they list the town/village, sometimes they list the village and county, sometimes just the county, and you have to take into account inaccurate transcriptions with misspellings.

For most of the results you find you'll get the unit the soldier belonged to and sometimes an indication of light wound, heavy wound and early in the war they were specific about wound location as well.

Maybe try a search in the Ort column for the town and/or county and go from there. Also try the search with the umlaut in the last name and maybe try without.

It's also possible Walter wasn't wounded either.

This is the link to the site:

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