?Bn/ 60th FAR

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?Bn/ 60th FAR

Post by stevebecker » 27 Mar 2019 23:50


I am after any details on the German 60th FAR sent to Turkey during the the war. These are what I have so far;

60th FAR Capt Apfel
1Bty 60th FAR - (2x 105mm guns) Lt Schmude
2/Bty/60th FAR - (4x 150mm How) Capt Petri
3Bty/60th FAR - (2x 21cm How (Mörsers) (not seen in Palestine) Capt Naumann
4Bty 60th FAR - (2x 21cm How (Mörsers) (not seen in Palestine) Capt Hartung

shown as

Fußart.Btl. 60

THe Orbat for this Bn shows the four Batteries, but it appears only two of whom were sent to Palestine, the others possibly remained around the Gallipoli Area to cover the Dardenells.

Reports give this unit in Palestine around 1917 but it disappears later that year, either disbanded or sent back to Germany?

Can anyone help with its history and movement during the war?



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Re: ?Bn/ 60th FAR

Post by Ken S. » 30 Jun 2019 23:40

I have a copy of a copy of "Die Toten des Garde-Fussartillerie-Regiments und seiner Kriegsformationen 1914-1919" and the dead for the battalion are listed therein. If you can find a copy of the regimental history for 1. Garde-Fußartillerie-Regiment there could be a section devoted to the battalion. In the meantime here's a listing for a few postcards from the battalion's 4th battery, perhaps the text can provide a few bits of info?

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