Sedan General Staff Courses

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Sedan General Staff Courses

Post by Stauffenberg II » 12 Jun 2019 09:12

Dear all,

I would like to know the participants of the General Staff Courses in Sedan. These were held to replace the Kriegsakademie education in war-time, but I have never seen participant lists.

As far as I know Erwin von Witzleben was one of the participants, also Guderian, Schmidt and Reinhardt .. but I would like to get sure.

I would like to know others. As far as I know Schobert (Gen. Oberst), Busch (Gen. Felmd.) never took part in such sources. What about Werner Kienitz (Gen. d. Inf.)?

Thanks in advance

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Re: Sedan General Staff Courses

Post by Svennie » 13 Jun 2019 06:22

Friedrich Fromm took part in the 9th Generalstabslehrgang from 8 July 1918 to 4 August 1918
Source: Bernhard Kroener, Friedrich Fromm, Paderborn 2005, page 102.

Also Guderian, Falkenhorst, Heinrici, Model, Paulus, Reinhardt, Schmidt
Source: Johannes Hürter, Hitlers Heerführer, page 73

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Re: Sedan General Staff Courses

Post by UweS » 25 Jun 2019 18:35


you can find in the Hauptstaatsarchiv Dresden this source: ... a26d3a0ad3

Bestand 11355 Armeeoberkommando der 3. Armee
Archivalnummer 0278
Datierung 20. Juni 1917 - 7. Aug. 1918
Generalstabskurse in Sedan

Here you can find many lists of the members of the several Generalstabskurse. You only have to contact
the archive to copy the source.

Best wishes


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