Tsingtao, December 1914

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Tsingtao, December 1914

Post by jerryasher » 18 May 2020 16:28

On December 12th, through 16th, the Japanese Army, rounded up individuals initially not considered Prisoners of War and sent and sent almost two hundred people to Japan, I am seeking more precise data and in particular the name of the ship and the date it departed Tsingtau. I posted a version of this on the World War I general board--BUT had the wrong year. This round up, selection and expulsion took place in December 1914. Many thanks in advance.

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Re: Tsingtao, December 1914

Post by Chris Dale » 19 Jul 2020 04:17

This site about the German internees in Japan may be of use- http://www.tsingtau.info/


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