German Army prior to WWI defeat a possibility?

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German Army prior to WWI defeat a possibility?

Post by hselassi » 11 Jul 2021 00:27

I was reading about the German Army in the troubled early Weimar era (1919-23) and it struck me how quickly a German Army was created and that there was no active secessionist movement from the earlier armies (not even Bavaria - I know about 1923, but they never seceded, they were planning to march on Berlin).
Prior to 1919 the Combined Army included two "independent" armies (Prus & Bav) each with its own General Staff with three ranklists (Prus, Bav, & Sax) under four War Ministries (Prus, Bav, Sax, & Wuert). Now all of this was tied up by treaties and conventions, so de facto, there was a "German" Army in 1914 and all the various organizations did not cause any performance issues during the war.
My question is, between 1871 and 1918, was there ever an attempt to create a de jure "German" Army (i.e 1 army, 1 gen staff, 1 ranklist, & 1 MoW)? It seems odd to keep all that official separation when there was always only one German Navy, so the idea and practice of a national force existed.

/s/ Harry

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