Battle of Texel 17/10/1914

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Battle of Texel 17/10/1914

Post by IANHULKMCLEOD » 10 Nov 2022 11:26

Hi Everyone
Calling any experts on Survivors apparently, 35 were rescued by British Forces after the sinking of the Four Torpedo Boats I have casualty lists though they only list those killed! does anyone know any names? So I can check Red Cross Archives as they were captured really need names and ranks?
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Re: Battle of Texel 17/10/1914

Post by Felix C » 10 Nov 2022 23:07

Reference: WO 900/45
Description: List of German subjects interned as Prisoners of War. List No. 22.
Date: 1915
"Two specimen lists of army, naval and civilian German PoWs in WO 900/45-46: these give the regiment, ship and usually the home address, place of internment, remarks regarding health, and date of transfer to internment in a neutral country."

Recommend contacting Lee Richards at and he can scan and send for a reasonable fee if you are too distant from the NA.

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