Beer bottle found in the trenches….

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Beer bottle found in the trenches….

Post by Der Bahnhof katze » 01 Sep 2023 15:46

Am curious to learn whether beer was routinely issued to Germans soldiers in the trenches, or whether it was a commodity that would have been brought up by individuals or received via the post perhaps?

The reason I ask is, that I recently found a piece of broken beer bottle, in the German third line trenches at the Leipzig Salient. It appears that these trenches were defended by the 26th Reserve Battalion who came from Württemberg. The coat of arms on the bottle is that of Württemberg. The Stuttgarter Hofbräu brewery appears to be the only one in Württemberg to use this coat of arms. I wondered whether this was just a coincidence, or whether it is also possible to ascertain not only, the origin of the bottle as well as the unit(s) that may have brought it up into the trenches.

Any information would be greatly appreciated.
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