Question Regarding the details of SMS Seydlitz at Jutland

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Question Regarding the details of SMS Seydlitz at Jutland

Post by Ardent Epiphany » 21 Jan 2024 01:15

I have seen and read various sources about the battle of Jutland that told a particularly amusing story about the Helmsman of SMS Seydlitz. Apparently the officer had been demoted prior to the battle for public drunkenness, and nevertheless manned his post for 24 hours throughout the battle and all the damage that Seydlitz incurred. He successfully piloted the ship through such famous actions as the engagement with Admiral Beatty's fleet, the main action against the Grand Fleet, and the Death Ride of First Scouting Group. Upon their return to port, the story goes that he received the Iron Cross.

This story, as far as I can tell, originates from the account of Kaptain zur See von Egidy, but no name of the helmsman in question is provided. I was wondering if anyone knew more details of this story, as other notable members of the Seydlitz crew can be found online. Thank you for any information provided.

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