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Re: AsienKorps

Post by Chris Dale » 17 Jul 2012 10:33

Thanks for pointing out that article Peter...


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Re: AsienKorps

Post by stevebecker » 06 Apr 2022 21:16

I notice some comments about German Flak in Palestine
Question No 56

Asks about the Balloon units in Palestine
This while true there were Balloon unit in Turkey, this relates to the German Flak units in Country.
Flak units were at first called Bak (Ballon-Abwehr-Kanonen)
This was later changed to Flak Flug abwehr-Kanonenzug

The second relates to the photo No 91 of Flak mounted units.
This as far as I am aware is
15th AA Bty (2x 77mm AA guns) with 701st FAR Pasha II Group (Flugabwehr-Kanonenzug 15 or Flugabwehr-Kanonen-Batterie auf Kraftwagen 15 (Flakzug)
This was mounted, and as far as I can find was the only one?


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