Help with German tactical symbols/orbat

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Help with German tactical symbols/orbat

Post by D. von Staberg » 23 Sep 2003 19:51


I'm wondering if any of the members are familiar with the tactical symbols used by the German army in WWI and directly after? I'm trying to "decode" an orbat of the Iron Division in Latvia in mid 1919. Using my knowledge of the WWII system I've managed to figure out that the squares represent infantry companies and the lines with a dot on either side are machine guns but there seems to to be 3 diffrent types?

The 1. Min W zug unit show what must be the symbol for minenwerfers, correct? The 3 numbers under the symbol show the number of mininewerfers of each caliber?? Which number shows which type?

The artillery symbols are fairly obvious but what is the difference between the plain symbol and the one with a filled in dot attacjed to the bottom?

The strange symbols in the Frw Fuss art battn d IAK?

Pi komp 425 has a mg symbol, an inf coy symbol and a 3rd symbol. Flamethrowers?
The Panzerwagen abt?

Many questions and few answers. Searching the web hasn't helped.

Any help with this will be much appreciated.

Best regards
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