7.(westpr.) Infanterieregiment 155

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7.(westpr.) Infanterieregiment 155

Post by Svennie » 21 Feb 2004 15:19

Hello all,

I am looking for a difficult piece of info: the commanding officers and some company officers of this regiment for the period 1899-1908. The future SS-Oberstgruf. Paul Hausser served in this unit.

More specifically:
- commanding officer(s) 1899-1908
- company chef 1899-1903 for 6., 7. and 1.Kompanie
- battalion cdr 1903-1906 for II.Btl

Apart from the names, I would be grateful for any background info on these men. Also, if someone could provide a scan from the relevant pages of the Dienstaltersliste, that would be perfect. Please provide me with your sources if it is not too much trouble.

Many thanks in advance!


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I.R. 155

Post by Glenn2438 » 21 Feb 2004 17:42


this partly answers your questions:

Commanding Officers:

Oberst August Anheuser: 1 Apr 1897
Oberst Edmund von Rosainski: 14 Sep 1900
Oberst Ernst von Diringshofen: 10 Oct 1901
Oberst Heinrich Wilcke: 22 Apr 1905

Company Commanders as at 1900:

1. Hauptmann Matthei
6. Hauptmann Voigt
7. Hauptmann Wehner

The commanding officer of the II. Battalion in 1902 was Major von Schweinichen.


.Rang- und Quartier-Liste für 1900
.Vollständige Dienstalterliste 1902
.Stellenbesetzung der deutschen Heere 1815 - 1939 Die Stellenbesetzung der aktiven Infanterie- Regimenter sowie Jäger- und MG- Bataillone, Wehrbezirkskommandos und Aufstellung bis 1939

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Post by Svennie » 22 Feb 2004 11:11

Thank you very much Glenn!!!

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