Need Help w/ German WW1 Unit Information

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Need Help w/ German WW1 Unit Information

Post by dpast32 » 06 May 2004 17:41

Hello All, I'm currently attempting to determine the parent unit of the following two Imperial German Army units for the time periods specified; >> "PION. RES. KOMP. 46", from May 16, 1915 to Dec. 31, 1916 & "G???? PION. KOMP. 351" from April 25, 1917 to Dec. 12, 1918. (G???? = a unit prefix I can't make out. It's listed exactly as I've indicated above.) The WW1 Pioneer I'm researching originally enlisted from Hamburg, Germany on Feb. 15, 1915. His initial unit assignment is listed as; "Rekr. Ing. Pion. .9", which I take to indicate a recruit section of the 9th Pioneer Battalion. ( PLEASE correct me if I'm wrong.) His primary service time was spent in both the 46th & 351st Pioneer Companies, and it's them I'm primarily interested in. ( He was wounded on Oct. 12, 1916, while with the 46th Res. Pion. Co.) If anyone would be so kind as to PLEASE provide me with the parent units to which the above two Pioneer Companies were assigned, I WOULD BE MOST DEEPLY APPRECIATIVE. Once I'm able to discern the parent unit(s), I can then begin to determine the areas & campaigns in which he served. Any & all replies will be DEEPLY APPRECIATED. THANK YOU. Regards, Dom Pastore Jr.

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Post by Glenn2438 » 06 May 2004 19:11

Hi Dom,

the references I have show Reserve-Pionier-Kompanie 46 with the 46. Reserve-Division.

The only Pionier unit with the number 351 I can find was Pionier-Bataillon 351 of the 51. Reserve-Division.


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