German New Guinea naturism, nude community??

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Cristiano de S.O Campos
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German New Guinea naturism, nude community??

Post by Cristiano de S.O Campos » 25 May 2006 21:58

Hi members

Many years later i was read in a Lonely Planet book about Papua New Guinea that one
german created a naturism community, that all germans live naked in one island
of German New Guinea.

somebody already read on this?



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Chris Dale
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Post by Chris Dale » 01 Jun 2006 01:26

Hi Cristiano,
I haven't heard about that, but if you read this essay on the sexual attitudes between Germans and Pacific Islanders then nothing will surprise you about that kind of behaviour there... ... ermans.htm

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Post by Scarlett » 01 Jun 2006 17:35

That would be August Engelhardt.

He was an apothecary, born 1870 in Nuremberg.

In 1902 he bought from Emma Kolbe, the famous "Queen Emma", the small island Kabokon. close to Neu-Lauenburg, which is now the Duke-of-York-Island,
with a small plantation. Kabokon is about 28 miles from Herbertshöhe, today Kokopo, the place of the German administration at that time.

From October 2, 1902 Engelhardt lived on Kabokon, at first the only white man among 40 melanesians.
He always was naked and was a full vegetatarian, living mainly of coconuts.

He started to write down his thoughts. He worshipped the sun as the central spring of life. Coconuts, because they are growing nearest to the sun of all plants,
for him were the most natural food for men, he called this cocovorism, and the people living of coconuts cocovores.
He was convinced, that, by eating only coconuts, he would achieve a higher state of mind, almost divine, and a place in a kind of paradise.

He then tried to mission other people by sending his papers around and intended to found an "Order of the Sun". Engelhardt seems to have been wealthy, as he
could support followers to finance the passage. His first follower, a 24-years-old Helgolaender, died after six weeks. The next one,
Max Lützow, wrote after 2 months on Kabokon an enthusiastic letter to the most-read vegetarian magazine in Germany.

Then a lot of followers came; it is said, that for some time 30 nudists lived on Kabokon (seems improbable).
But after a short time disillusion and frustration started, there were diseases and accidents, and all followers, including Max Lützow, left
the island, some of them only to die shortly afterwards of the diseases they had got on Kabokon.

At this point an old friend of Engelhardt, the writer August Beckmann, came to Kabokon. He was soon convinced by Engelhardt and
started to send reports to Germany about the new paradise.
Then Engelhardt became ill, and reached the hospital in Herbertshöhe weighing only about 85 pounds. His ulcers and scab was cured at the hospital
and Engelhardt came back to Kabokon. He now stated, that with the sanies of the ulcers the last impurity had left his body. He now would be ready for
the highest state of mind.
In the meantime Beckmann had stated to have doubts about the nudist living on Kabokon. He told a civil servant of the governmant, that by June 1906
he would leave for Germany. But before that date Beckmann was dead. It is not exactly known what happened, but there seems to have been
quarrel between Engelhardt and Beckmann, probably about the fiancee of Beckmann. Suicide, manslaughter, murder, nobody knows, but
it was no disease. Beckmann's fiancee left, and Engelhardt was again alone on the island.

Engelhardt again started a publicity campaign to find followers, but now the German government was cautious. A new follower of Engelhardt had at first
to deposit 1,400 goldmarks for possible cost of hospital and the trip back. All civil servants were requested to warn every newly arriving settler of Kabokon.

Once again everything on Kabokon became quiet, Engelhardt became ill again, and the German doctor at the hospital in Herbertshöhe judged Engelhardt
"a paranoid wreck". 1909 Engelhardt closed down his "Order of the Sun". He only attended to his plantation, but became a point of interest for
tourists in German New-Guinea. It was a "Must" for everybody to go to Kabokon and be photographed with the only remaining cocovore.

During WWI Engelhardt was for some time in an Australian camp in Rabaul, then returned to Kabokon. His plantation was now managed by
another German planter, who later sold it to his Australian wife and so could escape expropriation by the Australians.
Engelhardt now started to study the flora of the island and sent a lot of specimens to the Botanic Gardens of Brisbane and Sidney. He also started
to watercolor plants and a lot of very instructive watercolors remained and in the end - in the 30s - were obtained by a friend of Engelhardt.

August Engelhardt died May 6, 1919 and Wilhelm Bradtke, his only follower, May 10. Bradtke is buried on the German cemetary in Herbertshöhe,
now Kokpo, Engelhardt's grave is unknown.

One of the last people Engelhardt has met was the Australian Captain Jones, who wrote, after leaving Kabokon:
"Is it Engelhardt, who is mad or is it we? And yet - could the world do without living examples in self-sacrifice - even if their ideals are wrong?
And would we not all fall asleep, if it were not for a sprinkling of extremists?"

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Cristiano de S.O Campos
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Post by Cristiano de S.O Campos » 02 Jun 2006 21:19

Chris and Scarlett

Thank You very Much.

It is really a curious and bizzar history concerning the Germans and of its relation with the tropical environment in the colonies.

I believe that the Germans, a disciplined people, when arriving in a tropical paradise have changed your behavior to adapt themselves to a new environment very different of Germany.

I know, therefore the same thing occurs here in Brazil.

Although the problems of my country, many Europeans had come to here and currently it has many marriages between Europeans and Brazilian womens. And mainly Germans.



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Cristiano de S.O Campos
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Germans Hippies!

Post by Cristiano de S.O Campos » 02 Jun 2006 21:25

Hi friend

Again the subject about Eberhardt.

"The long-haired, naked vegetarians, thought to number no more than 30, were a stark contrast to Kaiser Wilhelm's rigid turn-of-the-century Germany - and modern-day perceptions of German colonisers in the Pacific as military men, traders or administrators."

Maybe that a beggining of HIPPIE movement, that made very success during the 60's! ... D=10362145



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Post by Guñelfe » 06 Jul 2006 03:14

Hola Cristiano, eu sou du Chile e gosto muito de este forum tamben.

I think that nordic people and germans too have a different appreciation to nudity according their History. And that happened to change when the Church appear in Europe.

Till nowdays you can find that nudity is very popular in those countries and I think that have a cultural base. It seems that is like to feel back to Nature and to the origins.

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