Interview with a Boer who fought in DOA

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Chris Dale
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Interview with a Boer who fought in DOA

Post by Chris Dale » 26 Sep 2006 00:58

I just found this very interesting interview with a Boer who fought with the Germans in East Africa.....


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Post by cj » 28 Sep 2006 04:23

Ahh yes... the february 2003 issue of 'Military History' published that. A excellent interview

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Post by Habu » 28 Sep 2006 06:08

Great interview--thanks for posting the link.

Its a great example of an interview format that could be used by almost anyone; it could serve as a good model for a lot of the folks wanting to interview veterans. Good format, good questions (not too deep or invasive but following up on answers given, etc). I wish I'd seen soemthing like this when I was a kid! When I look at the early interviews I did with various veterans of various conflicts, I can clearly see I knew nothing at all! Wish I could go back and re-interview some of those guys (especially the WWI vets) butthey are gone, gone, gone.

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Peter H
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Post by Peter H » 28 Sep 2006 06:21

I suppose its fair dinkum (as we Australians call it) though.

I'm sometimes hesitant to endorse memories that combine two campaigns(DSWA,DOA) and meeting Lettow-Vorbeck.

Sometimes veterans BS as well.

A good check would be to see if he is mentioned in any German sources.

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