Bicycles in the colonies

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Bicycles in the colonies

Post by Chris Dale » 11 Feb 2017 18:20

I have occasionally seen photos in DSWA and DOA with the Schutztruppe with bicycles. Does anyone know if the Schutztruppe owned a stock of them or if these were brought to Africa by individuals?

Von Lettow-Vorbeck's autobiography "My Reminiscences of East Africa" (English version), P38.
"Luckily headquarters had brought a few bicycles, and so, in order to satisfy myself quickly by personal observation, I was able to go off at once with Capt von Hammerstein and Volunteer Dr Dressel to the railway station at Tanga where I found an advance guard of the 6th Field Company. They, however, could give no accurate information about the enemy, and so I rode on through the empty streets of the town."


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Re: Bicycles in the colonies

Post by Tanzania » 15 Jul 2017 14:32

I didn´t find currently any further information about official German Infantry-bicycle-units in the Colonies.

Here is one photo, showing a German Field Company and a bicycle driver, but I didn’t really understand the title:
“Official photograph of the Faridkot Sappers, accompanied by a man with a bicycle. Image reproduced courtesy of Richard Sneyd.” ... n-campaign

As far as I know the Belgian Congo troops used bicycles during the Great War on company-level.
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Seems to be also the South Africans used Bicycles during the East African campaign?!?
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Nice and informative made webpage about Bicycles in the Great War, but not in Africa!?!
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