US-Military in DSWA?

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US-Military in DSWA?

Post by Tanzania » 11 Mar 2017 10:28

Someone came up with interesting finds and a question. Maybe a Uniform Expert knows more?
2015 in Namibia in the footsteps of the German Schutztruppe on the road I found on the Farm Neuhof
Kowas on an area of approx. 100 x 200 m amidst relics of the Schutztruppe further 40 cartridge cases
(one of which British, one American) and a lot of tinplate also a small one Button showing the American
Bald Eagle . The button comes from a uniform, the condition is like that of the cartridge cases and so
there is a connection close.

In 2016 I found another button in Otjimbingwe at the old military station (last police station, demolished in 1923).

These buttons were used from 1902 onwards. The American cartridge sleeve (stamped with "REM UMC 7",
remaining numbers illegible, manufacturer: Remington UMC Bridgeport) was used starting from 1912.

In 2017 a plaque with a US flag is offered at an action house next to British badges (see picture).

My question is:
Can it be that the Americans in the First World War had also sent military observers to South
Africa? Who knows any ideas or further information?

Go to Photo Buttons:

Large button diameter 23 mm, better than the first button. Back cover with embossing: New York Button



As well as 2 photos in the offer of an auction house. ... vdipiv52r1

Otjimbingwe, Namibia ... 16.1286901

Farm Heimat, Khomas, Namibia ... d17.995734
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Re: US-Military in DSWA?

Post by arche-foto » 11 Mar 2017 11:14

Hi tanzania,

much thanks for this post! I hope we can clarify this fact.

so long - best regards - from arche-foto

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