Canvassing opinions

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Canvassing opinions

Post by Andrew Dolan » 23 Nov 2018 10:34

Hello to all,

I'm new to these forums and had a great time reading through the topics in this subforum.

I'm currently working on a paper regarding the First World War in Africa. I was wondering if people have opinions on the use of symbols to represent units on maps. It concerns the colouring of these symbols to represent opposing forces. Typically blue and red are used and I've seen these colours applied to both sides in different maps.

Is there a consensus regarding which colour to apply to German forces and those of other belligrants? NATO convention says blue is friendly forces and red is enemy forces, however as im writing from a neutral perspective I'm undecided which way I want to use these colours. I'd be grateful for any opinions people may have.

Many thanks,


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Re: Canvassing opinions

Post by stevebecker » 17 Feb 2019 23:48


Sorry I must have missed this?

The Red for Allied forces dates back to the British Empire (Red Coats) so their maps showed the good guys as Red and Blue was bad (the French).

By the days of Nato we find the that Red is now bad (better dead then Red) or (commies) from my days in the services, and Blue was the good guys.

So I don't care but if you want other to follow your work then follow the standard colouring or you may lose others.



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