Herero-Hottentot Rebellion 1903-1907

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Post by walterkaschner » 29 Jul 2003 21:02

Thanks, Moulded, for the splendid pictures and additional web sites.

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I'm from the U.S. and unfortunately, aside from the University libraries here, precious little is available on this period in history. However, I can recommend Thomas Pakenham's "The Scramble for Africa: The White Man's conquest of the Dark Continent 1879-1912." It's available from Amazon. It's a massive history and the subtitle literally says it all. There's a chapter on the Herero Rebellion. I would suggest looking at the endnotes to see Pakenham's sources, perhaps that will guide you to more books on the subject.

I'm surprised that there aren't. It's interesting, the 20th Century's first war of extermination and Kaiser Wilhelm's first war to boot. Hopefully, we'll see some titles on it soon.


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