Major der Schutztruppe Hans Dominik

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Major der Schutztruppe Hans Dominik

Post by Peter H » 15 Oct 2005 05:08

Friedrich Wilhelm Hans Dominik(1870-1910) was a key figure in the pacification of the Cameroons,serving there on and off from 1894 to 1910.

1889--Gren R.12
1894--Schutztruppe Kamerun

Died of disease onsea while returning to Germany.

Dominik's punitive actions,and the unverified atrocities his force was said to have committed(body parts cut off of rebels and 52 children thrown into a river) caused protests in the Reichstag.

The Dominik statue in Hamburg,torn down by students in 1968:


Photo from the Frankfurt University colonial website: http://www.stub.bildarchiv-dkg.uni-fran ... efault.htm
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Post by Jan-Hendrik » 16 Oct 2005 07:23

Could he have been an ancestor of the science fiction novel author Hand Dominik that became famous in the 1920s in Germany ?


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