Das Marine-Expeditionskorps in Sudwest-Afrika

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Das Marine-Expeditionskorps in Sudwest-Afrika

Post by Peter H » 20 Oct 2005 07:56

Rangliste der Schutztruppe in Deutsch-Südwest-Afrika 1904 can be found here:

http://www.deutsche-schutzgebiete.de/su ... e_1904.htm

It appears the 15,000 man force under von Trotha consisted of :


Does anyone know why this formation was termed the Marine-Expeditionskorps when it appears to be mainly an army officered and manned unit?

Around 19,000 Germans were in the field,peak strength 1905.

The German Colonial Encylopedia 1920 gives German losses 1904-7 in DSWA as:

752 killed and missing,including 62 officers
907 wounded,including 89 officers
659 died from disease,including 26 officers(typhoid fever was a big killer?)
123 German civilians massacred

Another source states 1,749 German dead in total from the revolt.

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Post by Peter H » 20 Oct 2005 10:21

The first use of the machine-gun by the Germans--DSWA 1904:


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Post by Peter H » 24 Oct 2005 10:39

Something on the deployment of the force:


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Post by schutztruppe » 27 Oct 2005 07:35

With regard to the photo of the machine gun, it is not the first machine gun in DSWA there were many here and the photo has no date on it. When looking at the uniforms I notice that they are wearing caps and not hats, these caps were worn when they were in barracks the hats when they were in the bush. I can only deduct that it was a training situtation when the photo was taken. There are many of these photos around and were used on post cards, etc. I am not sure when the forst machine gun came into DSWA.

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Post by Scarlett » 30 Oct 2005 13:45

The Marine-Expeditionskorps consisted of:

1.) Stab

Oberst Dürr
6 Offiziere und 30 Mann

2.) Marine-Infanterie-Bataillon

Major von Glasenapp

1. Kompanie Hauptmann Fischel

2. Kompanie Hauptmann Schering

3. Kompanie Hauptmann Haering

4. Kompanie Hauptmann Lieber

4 Offiziere und 126 Mann each

They arrived by SS 'Darmstadt' at Swakopmund February 9, 1904.

The companies served with the three different Abteilungen of the German Forces.

Westabteilung 3. Marine-Infanterie-Kompanie Engagements at Otjihinamaparero Feb 25; Omatakomountain March 16.

Hauptabteilung 2. Marine-Infanterie-Kompanie Engagements at Klein-Barmen March 4; Otjosasu April 9; Okatuma April 13.

Ostabteilung 1. Marine-Infanterie-Kompanie und 4. Marine-Infanterie-Kompanie Engagements at Owikokorero March 13; Okaharui April 3-

The Marine-Expeditionskorps left Swakopmund by SS 'Lulu Bohlen' March 6 and by SS 'Eduard Woermann' March 20, 1905.

The companies 1 and 2 of the Marine-Expeditionskorps were formed
from parts of the I. Seebataillon, companies 3 and 4 from the II. Seebataillon.

In addtion to the Marine-Expeditionskorps a detachment of SMS 'Habicht' (2 officers, 52 men)
commanded by the First Officer of SMS 'Habicht', Kapitänleutnant Gygas, took part in the first part of the war.

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