Police in German New Guinea

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Police in German New Guinea

Post by Bruce Swanton » 10 Nov 2005 08:33

I would greatly appreciate assistance with the following questions:
1. Both the New Guinea Co and the German Govt maintained police establishments in German New Guinea. Does anyone know the locations of all the various police troops that were created and their establishments?
2. Does anyone know the rank structure of the various police troops and the Expedition Company?
3. Were the various police troops independent or were they all part of a single establishment?
4. If the various troops did in fact constitute a single establishment, did it have an organizational title, such as GNG Police Force?
5. Has anyone knowledge of police standing orders or similar instructions in respect of GNG?
6. Does anyone know of an official equipment schedule for the police troops and/or the Expedition Company?
7. The various annual reports make reference to some police masters (or sergeants), but not all. Does anyone know of a complete nominal roll of such officials?
8. Does anyone know much about the Expedition Company, its charter, and German officers?

Bruce Swanton

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Post by Scarlett » 10 Nov 2005 10:45

Most of your questions are answered at

http://www.traditionsverband.de/downloa ... truppe.pdf

It's German, Babelfish gives you a first impression, what it means,
but perhaps you have a good translator?

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