SMS Habicht

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SMS Habicht

Post by Peter H » 10 Nov 2005 14:05

A well travelled German Kanonenboot

Samoa 1881

Marshall Is 1881

Egypt 1882

Cameroon 1891

Süd-West-Afrika 1904

Was it common for such Kanonenboots to deploy anywhere in the world?

What was the home base of SMS Habicht?

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Post by Scarlett » 10 Nov 2005 18:27

The main purpose of the Kanonenboote of the Kaiserliche Marine was the operation around the world.

The Prussian Kanonenboot SMS Meteor (350 t) already had an engagement with the French Bouvet near Havana
on November 9, 1870.

SMS Albatross (700 t) operated 1872 on the South-American station, later in East-Asia and the South Sea.
SMS Adler (760 t) was in the South Sea 1886/89 and was - with her sister-ship SMS Eber - lost in a typhonn
in Apia/Samoa March 13, 1889.
SMS Hyäne (500 t) was in the South Sea too in 1880s.
Her sister ship SMS Iltis was lost near Cape Shantung in a typhoon July 23, 1898.
SMS Nautilus (700 t) served between 1876 and 1888 in the Mediterranean, East-Asia, Australia and East-Africa.
SMS Wolf, sister-ship of SMS Hyäne and SMS Iltis, served between 1878 und 1905 mainly in East-Asia,
some time in East- and West Africa too

More modern Kanonenboote 900 - 977 t) for use in East-Asia and on other stations entered service between 1900 and 1905.
SMS Iltis II. Jaguar, Tiger and Luchs were attached to the East-Asian cruiser squadron and were sunk
by the crew in Tsingtao 1914, SMS Eber II on the South-American station was sunk by the crew 1917 in Bahia.

When the displacement was more than 1,000 t, in the Kaiserliche Marine a ship was a cruiser, but the use of the
Bussard-class (6 ships) and the Sperber-class (2 ships) was much the same . These so called small unprotected cruisers in
fact were just larger Kanonenboote.

All these ships were used overseas and came back to Germany only for a general overhaul every 5-6 years.

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Post by Peter H » 11 Nov 2005 14:01

Thanks Scarlett.


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