Boxerkrieg: Destruction of Baoding?

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Boxerkrieg: Destruction of Baoding?

Post by Reichskolonialamt » 09 Dec 2005 10:32

The german historican Jürgen Osterhammel, awarded with the "historican book award" wrote in his book "China und die Weltgesellschaft", Beck-Verlag, 1989. that the international troops destroyed the city of Baoding (Poadingfu) as an act of penalty for murdering european missionars.
Baoding was and is now a regional capital with a lot of inhabitans. A destruction of such a big city have to be very well known, but I didn´t hear about ist before. I think he made a translation mistake and only the city walls were turn down.
"A joint expedition of various European nations destroyed what they viewed as symbolic centers of certain Chinese cities. In the city of Baoding, for example, where seventeen westerners had been murdered, the foreign troops dynamited several temples. In addition, they also enacted a kind of symbolic warfare by deliberately exploding parts of the city walls. The Mandarin Chinese word for wall, cheng, is a homonym for city."

Does anyone ever heard about an totally destruction of Boading? I think it´s nonsense...

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Post by Kim Sung » 09 Dec 2005 14:20

The above story is quite plausible. You can ask the administrator of this link if that incident really happened.

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