Italian Partisans in Greece?

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Italian Partisans in Greece?

Postby natzia » 26 Oct 2011 13:34

Amos Pampaloni was an Italian soldier, who later joined the Greek partisans.
Does anyone know whether there others as well?

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Re: Italian Partisans in Greece?

Postby albatros15 » 23 Dec 2011 16:19

There were italian soldiers they joined Greek resistance groups against Germans but i dont know
number .

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Re: Italian Partisans in Greece?

Postby Chinaski1917 » 20 Oct 2012 12:19

Mark Mazower's book Inside Hitler's Greece: The Experience of Occupation,1941-44 gives information on the Italian partisans joining the resistance forces after Italy in September 1943 capitulated and thus ended the Italian part of occupation in Greece.

The Greek edition of the book (pub.Alexandreia) offers info in pages 170-178

p.171 : Mazower mentions that there were 93.000 Italian soldiers stationed in inland Greece and 70.000 in Greek islands.

On 8 September of 1943 there were common celebration by Italian troops and Greek citizens where German forces where not present (p.175) Italians started handing over and selling arms and equipment to Greek resistance forces.

The Germans gave the Italian forces two choices either they keep on fighting under German command or been sent away from Greece. Few choose the first option (10.000 according to Mazower p.177) . The other choice was to actively resist surrender to the German forces. In cases the Italian forces put on a fight to not capitulate to the German forces in Rhodes and the Ionian Islands.

In Kefalonia fighting and the victory of the Germans over the Italians resulted in 155 Italian officers and 4750 Italian soldiers executed. ... i_Division

Mazower gives a number of 10.000 Italian forces joining Greek resistance in the mountains in April 1944 (p.178)

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Re: Italian Partisans in Greece?

Postby Alexderome » 07 Nov 2012 23:51

The Pinerolo division joined the greek resitance after 8th september 1943. At Kos, the German landed and striked italo-brtisch forces which surrended. 104 italian officers were executed.
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