Need info on Italain Alpini units-have photos

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Post by Napoli » 31 Oct 2002 00:50

Seems strange to be put into a reserve type unit then at his age and experience. Sadly there must have been some info that never got passed on to you possibly as to the reason why? :(

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Italians in WW2 Russian Front

Post by Fazzz » 02 Nov 2019 02:35

My Father served in the Italian Army WW2 and after Training on the 149/13 Obici was assigned to 103 Gruppo and then transferred to Gruppo 124 Gruppo Mobilitato Corpo di Spedizione Italiano in July 1942 (for Russia).

I am trying to find out which Division he was part of and exactly where he fought.

He was a POW.

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Re: Need info on Italain Alpini units-have photos

Post by LColombo » 02 Nov 2019 12:01

From a OOB of the ARMIR ( ... 01945.html) it seems that both the 103 (CIII) and 124 (CXXIV) Gruppi obici da 149/13 were part of the 2° Raggruppamento Artiglieria di Corpo d’Armata (Lieutenant Colonel Liberato Mascagna), thus Corps-level artillery, not part of a Division. The 2° Raggruppamento was part of the II Corpo d'Armata (which included the "Ravenna" and "Cosseria" Infantry Divisions).

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Re: Need info on Italain Alpini units-have photos

Post by zaptiè » 06 Nov 2019 12:35

Mede is a town 50 km south of Milan, with no military presence in WWII, maybe the name is Meda that is a town not far from Lago Maggiore.
The photo With artillery officiers : it's possible this is a photo of artillery school , where new soldiers receive basic military training before to be assigned ad the final artillery unit, so the soldier of Alpine artillery receive the "mostrine" and alpine cap only after this basic training.

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Re: Need info on Italain Alpini units-have photos

Post by tigre » 06 Jan 2020 19:11

Hello to all :D; more................................

7º Alpini.

Source: ... illes-1937

Cheers. Raúl M 8-).
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