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Discussions on all aspects of Italy under Fascism from the March on Rome to the end of the war.
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Index of threads. Please read

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By theater

Libya and Egypt

Young Fascists at Bir el Gubi

'El Alamein was a German defeat'

Italian-German chain of command in North Africa

Maps request

Italian brothels in North Africa

Coastal defense in Tripolitania 1942

Italian 1st and 2nd Libyan divisions

Italy's Africa dreams?

Italian OOB, Derna 1941

El Alamein Italian OOB request

Italian garrison at Mourzouk?

Italy's North African campaigns

Collapse of Italian forces in Egypt and Libya


Italian armistice commission

What happened in Kasserine?

First Italian-American engagement


Invasion of Albania

Italian troops in Albania

Italian light tanks in Albania

Italian losses in Albania (and Greece)

The sinking of the hospital ship 'Po'

Italian-Albanian war


Greek campaign

Greek campaign, motives for

Italian designs on Greece?

Did the Italians sink the Greek cruiser 'Helle'?

Anti-partisan activites in Greece

Italian bribes to Greek generals and politicians

Why did Italy attack Greece?

Italian units in the Peloponese, 1941-1943

The Dodocanese and the Aegean

Italian batteries on Leros 1943


Yugoslavia/the Balkans

15th Nov 1942 Italian OOB

Italian Balkans OOB request

Occupation forces in the Balkans, June 1941

Italian casualties in the Balkans 1941-1943

Map of Italian occupation zones in the Balkans

Italians in Yugoslavia photo request

Regia Aeronautica in Yugoslavia OOB

Italian-partisan clashes information sought

Italian units in the Balkans post-Sept 1943?

Eastern Front

Italians at Stalingrad

Italians in Russia post-September 1943?

8th Italian Army, January 1943

Photos of Italians in Russia

Decima MAS in the Black Sea

The Italian expeditionary force in Russia

Italians on the Eastern Front

Captured Soviet equipment

Number of Italian troops in the east?

Italy and Russia

Italian aircraft in the Arctic?

Aug 1942, 'the last Balaclava' at Isbuscenskij

Destruction of the LXVII Bersaglieri battalion in Russia

The Celere Division operating together with the 213 Sicherungs-Division?

The Celere Division losses in Russia

L3 tankettes on the Eastern Front?

Did the ARMIR use captured lorries?

Italians in Stalingrad?

Italian navy actions in the Black Sea

Italian anti-tank units on the Eastern Front

Italian armoured trains in the east?

ARMIR unit ID request

Italian tank crews on the Eastern Front?

East Africa and the Red Sea

Italian OOB for Ethiopia 1935-1936 (also covers SCW OOBs)


The battle of Keren

Ethiopia 1940/41

Italy's 1940 invasion of British Somaliland

The last Italian unit in East Africa

Why did Mussolini want to invade Ethiopia in 1936?

The Middle East

Italian air raid on Persian Gulf oil facilities


Italian units in France?

Attempted Italian landing in France 1940?

Littorio armoured division losses during invasion of France

Italian invasion of France 1940

Italian claims against France 1940

Italian units on the Channel Front, 1940

Western Mediterranean

Italian air raids on Gibraltar

Italy pre-Sept. 1943

Minefields in Italy

Primasole bridge

Axis forces in Italy at time of Sicily invasion?

Troops in Calabria, June-July 1943?

Italian air victories against the RAF over Sicily, 1943?

Regia Aeronautica OOB, Sicily July 1943

Italian deployments in Italy post-Sicily invasion?

Italian armed forces by service and post-September 1943 armed forces

Armed forces of the RSI

RSI navy

Italians flying Me163?

RSI veterans after the war

Nembo paratroopers at Anzio

RSI armoured units

RSI engineers

RSI guastatori?

Vigilanza anti-partisan maritime unit

Controbande anti-partisan units?

Brigate Nere

Fate of the Fiamme Bianche?

Tullio Cividin 'black brigade'

Legione 'M'

Folgore - Alps 1945

Canevari, Graziani, the Germans and the formation of the RSI army

RSI Ministry of Defense

Comando regionale militare

Italian Atlantica Division in France, 1944

Translations of RSI unit names

Liguria Army

RSI treachery trials against officers who did not side with Germany post-Sept 1943

Differing accounts of Monterosa soldiers?

Pre-Sept 1943 armed services

Army/REI and threads pertaining to all services

Italian 8th Army OOB

Alpini information request

Napoli Division

Pictures of Italian officers

Italian motor division TO&E request

Cosseria and Giovanni Fascisti information request

Isonzo Division

Italian 4th Army OOB

Superga OOB, Feb 1943

Let's build: the Folgore Division

18th Coastal Infantry Brigade, July 1943

Taurinense, Pusteria and Cacciatori delle Alpi divisions OOBs

Italian colonial units, May 10th 1940

Nomenclature question/translation

Italian helmet ID

183rd Parachute Division OOB

16th Cavalry regt. 'Cavalleggeri di Lucca'



Pictures of Italian cavalry

Compagnia Autocarrate Tedesca

Italian dragoons and lancers in WW2

8th Bersaglieri Reggimento

Ravenna Division OOB

52nd Torino Division

Pinerolo Division in Greece and Macedonia, 1941

Italian tactical symbols?

158th Infantry Division 'Zara'

Lagunari and San Marco marines

San Giorgio cavalry group

Italian tank battalions TO&E questions

Alpini company TO&E

6th Army in Sicily 1943 OOB

11th Brennero Division

Reggimento 'Tunisia'

Coastal artillery information request

Imperiali Division?

Italian Jagdkommando anti-partisan units

81st Torino Brigade

Italian divisional badges?

The 222 Coastal Division

Italian tank aces?

Number of Italian AFVs, July 1943

Training of Italian AFV crews?

What did Italian soldiers eat?

202nd Coastal Artillery records?

Various pictures of Italian soldiers and equipment

Italian border guards, 1940

Border guards MG battalions

Celere artillery regiments 1, 2 and 3 in North Africa

Motomitraglieri battalion TO&E 1942?

Italian TO&E below company level?

Folgore and Spezia infantry battalion TO&Es?

248th Heavy Truck Company TO&E

OOB of Italian armoured corps at the time of the armistice?

Italian armoured strength at the time of the armistice?

Italian soldiers picture request


3rd Bersaglieri Regiment

Battaglione Hindustan?

Italian colonial troops?

Symbol of Ariete Division?

Centauro OOB, Greece 1940

Air Force/RAI

Italian pilots info request

Squadron ID request, September 1941 incident

Training of foreign pilots pre-war information request

Italian suicide attacks?

Expansion of RA information request

Italian air force OOB

Italian aircraft losses over Sicily, July 1943

Italian Stuka units and pilots

RA strength at time of armistice?

Pre-war RA OOB?


Destroyer ID request

Italian submarines

Fate of the Conte di Cavour?

Aircraft carrier Aquila

The world's largest submarine fleet

Planned RM attack on New York

Salvaging scuttled French battleships

Italian convoy codes?

Ships sunk by Italy?

Italian torpedo boat 'Lupo'

Italian frogman attack on Gibraltar 1943

Comments about the Italian Navy

Recommended reading about the Italian navy

Italian submarines

Washington naval treaty and Italian carriers

Battleship Impero

Italian minelayers in the Dodocanese, 1943

Italian MTB losses

Information request - midget submarines



Blackshirt fez

Blackshirt Divisions

Rocchi and the 102 Blackshirt Division

N.P.Btg. Xa-Mas

29th SS

Fascist uniforms

French volunteers in the MSVN?

MSVN ranks

Moschettieri del Duce

Blackshirts with the 8th Army in Russia

Atrocities by X MAS?

Other Italian/Fascist organisations


Italian-Croatian legion

Italian intelligence service

LATI airlines

Italian railway militia

Guardia di Finanza


Banda Collotti

Milizia Forestale




Italian police in Africa

Various commanders and ID requests

Italian generals

Italian air force generals

Italian marshals and grand admirals

Italian commanders in Russia 1942-1943

CSIR and ARMIR chiefs of staff

Commander of Monte Cervino ski battalion

CSIR commanders

Chief of CSIR liaison staff

Italian military attaché in Berlin 1940

Italian generals who received the Order of Savoy

Photos of Italian generals

ID request, Italian commanders in Libya

Commander of XXI Corps at the time of El Alamein

Fascist party leaders photo ID request

Italian officials with von Ribbentrop ID request

ID of Italian generals request

Comandante designato d'armata

Italian generals and admirals photo requests

Brig. gen Cecconi

Gen. Silvio Scaroni

Col. Latini

RSI generals information request

Italian officer ID request

Italian officers photo ID request

ID of Italian generals request

Mussolini with Italian generals 1935 photo ID request

Albanian officer ID request

Italian admiral photo ID request

Italian generals who died during the war

Italian marshals

Admirals Cavagnari, Riccardi and De Courten

General Hazon Azzolino

Col Gallo

Mario Roatta

Col. Peghini

ID request Blackshirt officer

Information sought about Italian pilot

Information sought about Luigi Poluzzi, pilot

Italian submarine commanders

Luigi Carallo of the Decima MAS

Alexander Volkov, X-Mas officer

Commanders of LXVII Bersaglieri battalion?

Info request about WW1 bravery medal recipient

Discussions about Italian war performance and preparation for war

Who was the best Italian general?

Highest decorated Italian serviceman?

Mussolini's forces

Italian army: did it fight well?

Sforza Italia

The preparation and quality of the Italian army

Foreign volunteers in Italian armed forces

Argentinians in Italian units

Italian volunteers in the Winter War

Failings of the Italian Army

Italian units that fought well

Italy and the declaration of war

Was Italy ultimately prepared for war?

Italian borders in a victorious WW2

Italy during WW2

Was Italy's involvement in WW2 positive for Germany?

Did Italy have any great admirals/generals?

Russian opinions about Italian soldiers?

Was Italy any good on the battlefields?

Italy's goals in the war?

Why was the Italian navy not successful?

Were Italian soldiers worse than other nations' soldiers?

Were there any Italian battlefield successes?

Economy,logistics and statistics

Italian WW2 casualties

Italian military and economic capacity

Italian army divisions by theater

Italian oil tankers

Italy's weakness

Data about Italian manpower in WW2

The Italian merchant navy at the outbreak of war

Italian tank losses 1940-1943 information request

Italian production

Italian military equipment

Italian super gun

Italian uniforms and equipment

Recommended books on Italian aircraft?

Engine area of SM 81?

Reggiane Re 2005

Piaggio P 108

SM 75 flying from Rhodes to China, 1942?

BR-20 in Japanese service?

Macchi 205

Ca311 & 313/314

Italian sonar/asdic

38m MAS

75mm Semovente gun & ammunition characteristics

Italian AP ammunition information request

Italian AT gun optics?

Was Italian equipment really so bad?

Types of Italian tanks used in the Spanish Civil War

Conversion of battleship guns from 305 to 320 mm

The September 1943 armistice, POWs and the formation of the RSI

Italian armistice 8 Sept 1943

Italian resistance to Germans in Greece

Germans fighting Italians Sept. 1943

Italian ships which did not surrender

Fate of Italian units?

Italian units Sept 8 1943

Questions about the armistice

The Italian surrender

Operation Student

The Acqui Division, Corfu Sept 1943

Italian POWs

Italian soldiers settling in Australia

Italian POWs climbing Mount Kenya?

Fate of Italian POWs

Fate of Italian generals in German captivity?

Italian POW in Russia information request

Italian POWs in Russia, 1942-1943

Italian POWs in the Orkneys

Mussolini and his government

Mussolini's museum pieces

Bosworth's Mussolini biography

The March on Rome 80 years on

Did Churchill communicate with Mussolini?

Missing Mussolini letters

Mussolini's language skills

Mussolini quote

Mussolini's ancle

Mussolini's physical attributes, diet

Pictures of Mussolini & family

Mussolini and Hitler

Why did Italy ally with Germany?

Why did Mussolini prevent Hitler from taking Austria?

RSI-Japanese relations?

The RSI: why 'Social'?


The RSI cabinet

Mussolini's chauffeur

Mussolini urged resistance to Hitler

Vittorio Emanuele III and Mussolini

Mussolini and atheism

Mussolini photo with dedication

Repression during Mussolini's government

Number of people killed and arrested under Mussolini's dictatorship?

Pictures of Mussolini

Did Mussolini visit the front?

Liaison officers?

Fate of Mussolini

Death of Mussolini

Togliatti's role in the death of Mussolini

What happened to Mussolini?

Did Mussolini plan to escape?

Lt. Fallmeyer and Mussolini

New light on the death of Mussolini

Mussolini's autopsy

Guns that killed Mussolini

Italy struggles with Mussolini's legacy

Mussolini's last will and testament

Mussolini's diary?

Italy's view of Mussolini today

Biographies/discussion of other individuals

Count Ciano

Whereabouts of Ciano, early 1941?

Italo Balbo, the crack in the monolith

Dino Grandi

Vittorio Emanuele III

Pictures of Vittorio Emanuele III

Luigi Fuccia - hero of the Spanish Civil War

Fighter ace Luigi Gorrini

General Bergamo

Fate of general Federico Ferrari Orsi

General Mario Roatta

General Enrico Frattini

Missi Luciano, pilot

Generals Pentimalli & Del Totto

Rodolfo Graziani

Eduardo and Ettore Scala

Marco Marinoni, pilot

General Bergonzoli

Professor Marpicati

Dino Odoardo Alfieri

Information request - Angione, Bazzani and di Baldesero

Francesco Jacomoni di San Savino

General Enrico Tellini

Benito Albino Mussolini

Rachele Mussolini

Pius XII

Console Generale Ballabio

General Perida Negri

Prince Pallavicini, MIA Western Desert 1940

General Mario Arisio

Umberto of Savoy

Amadeo, duke of Aosta

Ettore Muti

Grand Admiral Thaon di Revel

Giuseppe de Stefanis

Admiral Vittorio Tur

Lt. gen. Mario Robotti

Ugo Drago

Cultural history, propaganda, social history and architecture

1919 Milan Fascist election list

Fascist propaganda decoded

Postcard from Bir el Gubi

RSI propaganda addressing cowardice

Mare Nostrum

Spoleto propaganda card

1936 'Bridge of silver'

1933 navy recruitment postcard

Images of Fascist Italy

1938 Rome military parade/Hitler's 1938 visit to Italy

Postcard celebrating Italy's conquest of Abyssinia

Fascist architecture examples?

Postcard publishers?

1942 wool collection for the army?

The 1938 World Cup

How Mussolini fixed the 1934 World Cup

Black men in fascist Italy

Translations of Italian newspaper articles about Stalingrad battles

Italian football league during WW2

The Benghazi victory monument monument at Giuliana

Italian settlers in Africa?

'Me ne frego'

Italian war slogans

Pictures of Fascist era architecture

Italian immigration to Germany?

War posters by Gino Boccasile

Fascist ideology and politics

Fascist ideology in various European countries - similarities and differences

Language/s used at Axis meetings?

March on Rome ID request

Jews and Fascism?

Fascist Grand Council

Italian and RSI ambassadors

Fascist party organisational diagram request

Fascism and Communism

Fascism: doctrine and institutions

Italian colonization of Libya


Medaglia dell'Oro list

Italian flags

Italian reparations post war

Italian war songs

Fascist flag

Italy and Indian seperatism/Radio Himalaya

Mussolini memorial in Tyrol?


Italian badge ID request

Italian ring ID request

Italian insignia ID request

Accuracy of Italian movie about battle of El Alamein?

Italian emblem ID request

Archery medal

Mussolini badge

Fascist pin

Children in uniform

Italian uniform question

Literature about the Bersaglieri?

Fascist march movie theme request

Italian pilots in the Luftwaffe?

Photos: uniforms and insignia of Spanish Civil War units

Fascist uniforms

Garibaldi pin?
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Above you find an index of all threads in this section. The purpose of the index is to make it easier for members and guests to find threads about subjects which interest them, instead of using the forum's search engine. The secondary purpose of this 'topic of topics' is to avoid redundant threads by giving prospective contributors the chance to review and revive old threads on similar subjects, instead of opening new threads which may cover ground already covered.

I've tried to strike a balance between geographic, biographic and technical subjects in the index sub-categories. The thread headlines I've used above attempt to cover thread subjects. Headlines do not always correspond with original thread titles for that reason.

By its nature, the index is subject to continuous updating.

I hope you will find the index useful.

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Wow! that's an impressive list, I'm sure it took you some time so I'll post my thanks and get reading.

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