Did the mvsn swear a oath to Mussolini

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Did the mvsn swear a oath to Mussolini

Post by sebi98 » 19 May 2019 06:35

I cant find anything about it. The mvsn swore an aoth not to the King in 1923 first. The the mvsn swore an oath to the King and Mussolini. Die Please could you Tell me this oath.

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Re: Did the mvsn swear a oath to Mussolini

Post by DrG » 19 May 2019 16:26

The MVSN was regulated by the Regio decreto legge 4 agosto 1924, n. 1292 (Royal decree-law 4 August 1924, n. 1292), which made it an Armed Force of the State. The first article states: "The MVSN is part of the Armed Forces of the State. Its members swear the oath of allegiance to the King and are subject to the same disciplinary and penal regulations of the members of the Regio Esercito [Royal Army]." ("La MVSN fa parte delle Forze Armate dello Stato. I suoi componenti prestano giuramento di fedeltà al Re e sono soggetti alle stesse disposizioni disciplinari e penali di quelli appartenenti al Regio Esercito.").

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