Italian police during fascism and world war 2

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Italian police during fascism and world war 2

Post by sebi98 » 25 May 2019 09:14

In Germany ss and police werde put together and the police was organized in police battalions together with the ss. How was the police organized in Italy(carabinieri, military police, mvsn, ovra and others) organized? What were their tasks in Italy and in the occupied territories? If you know many details then post it.

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Re: Italian police during fascism and world war 2

Post by zaptiè » 27 May 2019 17:08

In Italy Police forces operate like usual also in Wartime.
In occupied territories : MVSN ( it was not a police force except some special branch like forest, rail rod police etc that have a poce status) has one Btg ( called Legion)attached on each Army division as ordinary infantry,
OVRA was a special branch of the police and not works outside Italy.
Carabinieri had the usual role of Military Police and in some cases organized local gendarmerie Corps .
Police and Excise Guards ( Guardia di Finanza) only mobilized few Btg in support of Army operation in Balcan theatre of operation.

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