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The MVSN was the guard of the revolution in Italy. It Tasks were to defend the state ideologically trom enemies of fascism. Other tasks were premilitary education and the use of own troops aß fighting troops in war time. The membership was connected to PNF membership for regular members. But although it was a state force and part of the armed forces the MVSN was a politically force.

In september it was revived for short time before or was integrated into the GNR in december 1943. The GNR was a mixed Organisation of MVSN members and carabinieri and members of Italian African Police and other elements. MVSN were even in minority. Carabinieri and others except MVSN members tended to join partisans and betray their comrades. After all i found Out it seems the GNR was not really the sucessor of the MVSN, only on paper. In August 1944 it was integrated into the army. Please Tell me about the membership of the GNR and the GNR itself.

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Post by zaptiè » 03 Jun 2019 11:38

The successor of MVSN was the Brigate Nere Corp.
GNR was a police corp.

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