1940 reinforcements to North Africa

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1940 reinforcements to North Africa

Post by Wargames » 10 Jan 2020 20:00

I have contradictory sources on some things and no sources on another:

Several sources identify 7,000 trucks (3,000 light) in N.A. in June 1940 while others give 8,039.

One source identifies that between June-December 1940 the following were sent:

2,800 trucks
26,000 men (arriving September)
163 tanks
230 anti-tank guns
470 guns

Any information on those deliveries would be appreciated.

I'm particularly interested in the 26,000 men and the 470 guns. Who were they? Replacements or actual combat units?
How were the 230 anti-tank guns used? It looks like all divisions already had their full establishment of 8 guns. Did they come with gun crews?


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