Don Mazzoni.

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Don Mazzoni.

Post by tigre » 26 Mar 2020 21:12

Hello to all :D; rummaging I found this priest............................

Giovanni Mazzoni. Chiassa Superiore (Arezzo), 1886 - Petropawlowska (Russia), December 25, 1941. Priest.

From a modest family, he has embraced religious life since he was a child, studying at the Carmelite convent. He was a volunteer in the war in Libya, a volunteer in the Italian Mission in Syria, director of the Italian school in Alexandretta, a volunteer in the 1915-18 war and awarded four medals, one of which is gold; In 1919-20 to defend the "rights of the victorious fatherland", he supported the fascist cause in Florence, giving speeches to the first groups of adherents.

In February-March 1928 a strong controversy broke out between Don Mazzoni, on the one hand, and Prefect Salvetti and the Secretary of the Provincial Federation of the fasci di combattimento, Guido Bonaccini, on the other. For these controversies and disagreements Don Mazzoni is tried by the Provincial Commission for confinement, which in August 1928 issued a warning order against him, which was followed shortly after the expulsion of the NFP and, in December, a trial by a series of crimes committed during their intense activity to face pensions, subsidies and transfers. Acquitted of these accusations, he was immediately involved in another process, that of the bankruptcy of the Bank of Savings and Credit of Arezzo, which dragged, one after another, the rural banks of the province.

After a few weeks in prison, Don Mazzoni was sent to Lagonegro (Potenza) in January 1929. In vain, he tried to rejoin the "Gold Medal Group", while in 1934 he was exonerated in the Florence court of appeal of all crimes related to the bankruptcy of the Credit and Savings Bank. His commitment is concentrated above all on religious activity and the organization of the youth of Catholic Action, but only in 1937 his name was removed from the list of subversives of the police headquarters and from many hierarchies of Arezzo fascism, always suspecting of him and trying to boycott his initiatives.

After entering the war a new investigation begins against him for bribes; some of her friends are also under investigation, while a search of his home confiscates money from the safe and all his correspondence. He are deeply concerned about this new difficult and dangerous process. Even simple prosecution would have made a great impression across the province and in the region of Tuscany itself. He insistently asks, as he already did on the eve of the outbreak of war and, therefore, before this new judicial procedure, to be able to volunteer on the Eastern Front as a military chaplain. Assigned to the 3rd Bersaglieri Regiment, he died in 1941 while rescuing a wounded man. He was awarded a second gold medal for military courage. Buried in Russia, his body will be returned to the Loro Ciuffenna cemetery after five years.

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Cheers. Raúl M 8-).
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