Italian binary division is a little bit misleading

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Italian binary division is a little bit misleading

Post by ghost1275 » 15 May 2020 20:03

Almost all of regular Infantry divisions had a Blackshirt legion (roughly regimental sized) permanently attached. The divisional enablers such as artillery and engineers were weak since their TOE were based on the premise of supporting two infantry regiments, not counting the extra CCNN reinforcement.

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Re: Italian binary division is a little bit misleading

Post by Dili » 16 May 2020 19:09

I don't think it is misleading.
Almost all infantry divisions had no legion at war start, at most they had a battalion. Also a legion had no 81 mortars or Infantry guns, so was quite thin in support. Artillery number was okay for the unit size, but the guns/how. were WW1 era and at time 3 reg. divisions of other major countries were abandoning the 75mm caliber.

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Re: Italian binary division is a little bit misleading

Post by jwsleser » 16 May 2020 21:39

As Dili stated, the name divisione binaria was appropriate. Note that the two-regiment divisions was standard across all the different types of Italians divisions. The CC.NN. component was only authorized within the infantry divisions, and not all subtypes. The autorasportabile wasn't authorized a CC.NN. component. None of the motorized/mechanized units had any CC.NN.

The R.E. didn't control the CC.NN. Units were available when they were available, and not always when the R.E. wanted them. Training and equipment as Dili indicated also was an issue.

I took a quick look at the OB for the main fronts. This reinforces what Dili stated. France 1940, almost all the d.f had only one one CC.NN. btg. Most the d.f. in Greece had a legione. None of the d. at. A.S. had CC.NN. as these units were mobilized separately and formed into d. CC.NN. None of the d.f in Russia had a CC.NN. component, but there were two separate legioni CC.NN. This was after the creation of the M battalions. The role of some of the CC.NN. units changed from being part of a division to being 'shock troops' usually at the corps or army level. Three of the four regular divisions in Sicilia had a legione, but none in the d. cos. Of the two d.f. defending Roma, only one had a legione.

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