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Post by Lupo Solitario » 24 May 2020 20:32

during WWII italy produced a little number of a wheeled APC known as AS37

I can't find any info on its use or which units used it

Any help is welcomed


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Re: AS37

Post by jwsleser » 31 May 2020 21:20

Good day Lupo

Gli autoveicoli da combattimento dell'Esercito tomo II p. 415, states that the vehicle was mainly used to escort convoys in areas undermined by partisans (insidiate dai partigiani). The license numbers indicate that 150 vehicle were produced.

The vehicles were issued to a diverse number of units (...furono distribuiti a diverse unità). The following are listed: Deposito carristi 31º Rgt. (Siena); 955ª sezione autoprotetti e 1118ª autosezione mista della d.f. «Macerata»; 259º autoreporto autoprotetti del 5º Autogruppo (Trento), 1034ª sezione autoprotetti, LXXIº battaglione motociclisti (Deposito 6º Rgt. Ber.), 1034ª sezione autoprotetti dell'11º autoreporto pesante (Albania): ecc. Those are the only units listed.

A modified version, erroneously called the Camionetta A.S. 43 modificata (p. 473), was issued as part of the TO&E of the d. moto. One company in the btg. d'assalto motorizzato. Some were used against the Germans during the Battle for Roma in Sep 43.

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