German forces in Italy 1944

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German forces in Italy 1944

Post by norwest » 20 Jun 2020 04:09

I have this photo that is dated 1944, Italy. I have no other information about it. At this time, Italy would have been divided into two parts, with northern Italy being occupied by the Germans and Mussolini -- freed by the Gran Sasso raid -- installed as head of the Italian Socialist Republic. Of course, I wonder where this photo was taken, and why the fanfare, as it was attended by Italian and German officials. There's even someone filming the event. Speculation welcome! ;-) Here is the photo and some close-ups taken from it.

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Re: German forces in Italy 1944

Post by JadranTS » 18 Aug 2020 12:16

Hi, those picture are not from Italy. You can see a bell tower "onion style", tipically central european. Also officers wear very large hats, absolutely not italians. I can make a guess: Romania ? Bulgaria ?

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